Gods’, the SS 2014 collection of Konstantin Gayday

Konstantin Gayday has a weak spot for modern decadence, of which his fashion collections speak volumes. As does his new SS 2014 collection “Gods”, presented at the Russian Museum of decorative, applied and folk Art.

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 1995, the designer born in Novosibirsk and now based in Moscow presents a collection of elaborate headpieces inspired by different religions. A melting pot of iconography from Christianity to Hinduism, Islam, Paganism, Buddhism, Shamanism and Greco-Roman mysteries.

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この変更は9月の終わりまでに適用される見込みとなっており、どのような表記に変更されるのかは現段階では不明です。本件は欧州において適用されることとなっていますが、全世界のGoogle Playにおいても同様の処置が施されるかもしれません。

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teams rwby and jnpr using food like their weapons

my favorite outfit selfies (*ノωノ)

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